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International websites


National websites

ISSAID ISSAID: The International Society of Systemic Autoinflammatory Diseases.
Society created in 2005 to develop research and communication on these diseases.

CeRéMAIA: French referral centre of autoinflammatory diseases including the paediatric departments of Bicêtre (Pr Koné-Paut) and Versailles (Dr Hentgen), as well the UMAI.
Coordinator: Pr I Koné-Paut

Infevers Infevers: This website records all the implicated sequence variants in the genes responsible for autoinflammatory diseases. It provides maps of genes, their sequence and biological information on the variants.
Created and edited by Pr I Touitou
  GenMAI: French autoinflammatory diseases genetic testing network, including the genetics laboratories of Cochin (Pr Delpech), Trousseau (Pr Amselem) and UMAI.
Coordinator: Pr I Touitou
EUROTRAPS: Project financed by FP7 grouping together 7 and 2 private companies (6 countries), the aim of which is to study TRAPS evolution, physiopathology, and models for its early diagnosis, prevention and innovative treatment, for application in all hereditary recurrent fevers.
Coordinator: Pr I Touitou
  UMAI: This website summarises the activity of the autoinflammatory diseases unit of Montpellier.
Coordinator: Pr I Touitou
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