Autoinflammatory diseases unit
French National referral centre
Biology-Pathology research pole - University Hospital of Montpellier


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Doctor: Pr Isabelle Touitou

  • Specialized genetic counselling
  • Sampling for molecular diagnosis
  • Orientation towards a specialized doctor
  • . Patient receiving no clinical or therapeutic follow-up needing to see a doctor in the referral centre
  • Telephone: 00 33 4 67 33 58 57 for an appointment
  • Consultations take place on 2 afternoons per month in the department of medical genetics of Pr P Sarda (Hôpital A de Villeneuve, ground floor)
  • You must:
    • Come with a letter from the referring doctor and all results you hold from previous analyses
    • Register correctly and print off admission labels on the ground floor


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