Autoinflammatory diseases unit
French National referral centre
Biology-Pathology research pole - University Hospital of Montpellier


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Tests performed
Please note that certain tests are subject to requirements established by the corresponding quaternary and tertiary referral centres.

  • Expert activities
  • Activities in collaboration with Pr D. Geneviève
    • Constitutional bone diseases (CBD) - COL2A1 gene
    • Kabuki syndrome (KS) - KMT2D et KDM6A genes
    • Syndromic Cleft (SC): Cleft palates and mild dysmorphic facial features with or without intellectual disability - NGS panel










Infevers GenMAI MOC

Sampling and dispatch procedure

  • The tubes must be sent at the beginning of the week
  • Inform us of the date it was dispatched (our e-mail)

Analysis request forms
Please download, fill in and send with the sample the form corresponding to your analysis request.


Cost of analyses

  • Public institutions: see quote
  • Ordering form genetic test
  • Ordering procedure for genetic test


  • Sent to: the prescribing doctor only
  • Turnaround: On average at least 1 to 2 months (see our contract)
  • Interprétation : Don't hesitate to contact us


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